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LP "Ulf Meyer & Martin Wind - Fuglsang"



1. The Birds and the Bees
2. Rainy River
3. In A Mellow Tone
4. The Baltic
5. From From
6. Sweet Emma
7. Fuglsang

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Play samples from "Meyer / Wind - Fuglsang"

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Turn Out the Stars



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"Martin Wind Quartet - Turn Out the Stars"


Released May 20, 2014 on What If? Music

"Martin Wind's 'Turn out the Stars' is more than a mere "tribute" album. At the heart of the project is a tremendous quartet: Martin on bass, Scott Robinson on tenor saxophone, Bill Cunliffe on piano, and Bill Evans alumnus Joe La Barbera on drums. In addition, we see another side of Martin Wind - that of orchestral arranger. Wind, Robinson, Cunliffe and LaBarbera - by themselves they form a great quartet. Put them in partnership with the marvelous Orchestra Filarmonica Marchigiana, conducted by Massimo Morganti and you have a glorious celebration of Bill Evans the pianist, composer, leader, and musical spirit." Excerpts from liner notes by Jim McNeely.

CD Release May 20th! $15 plus $3 shipping (U.S. + Canada only); Other countries: $15 plus $5 shipping

More information at What If? Music
Meyer/Wind Live 2012


CD "Ulf Meyer & Martin Wind - At Orpheus Theatre - Live 2012"


1) The Old Country (Nat Adderley)
2) Gandhi (Meyer)
3) Rainy River (Wind)
4) Don't Know Why (Jesse Harris)
5) Just Squeeze me (Ellington)
6) Little Anna (Niels-Henning Ørsted-Pederson)
7) Fragile (Sting)
8) Blues in the Closet (Oscar Pettiford)
9) My Funny Valentine (Richard Rodgers)

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Play samples from "Meyer / Wind - Live2012"

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LP - Martin Wind "Remember October 13th"

Martin Wind - Solo and Trio w/ Bill Mays, Matt Wilson

Limited Edition - 500 copies. 180g Audiofile High Quality Pressing - Price: $30


Martin Wind bass

Martin Wind bass
Bill Mays  piano
Matt Wilson  drums


01  Remember October 13th (Trio), (Martin Wind)  9.02
02  We Will Be Together Again (Solo), (Carl Fischer / Frankie Laine)  6.10
03  Fee Fi Fo Fum (Trio), (Wayne Shorter)  6.31

01  Across The Universe (Solo), (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)  9.02
02  Last Waltz (Trio), (Martin Wind)  6.35
03  Remember October 13th (Solo), (Martin Wind)  10.28



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CD "Theresia" 2011 - Martin Wind and the JazzBaltica Jubilee Ensemble


1.Overture 6.54
2.Out in Pa 13.56 
3.The Cruise Blues 8.13 
4. Remember October 13th 13.37 
5. Theresia 18.19 
6. Get it? 9.28 
All composed by Martin Wind

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Play samples from "Theresia"

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Get It
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CD "Get It?" 2010


1. Get it? (Wind)
2. Life (Wind)
3. The Plain but Simple Truth (Thompson)
4. Isfahan (Strayhorn)
5. Ten Years (Wind)
6. Laverne (Hill)
7. Can't Say No (Wind)
8. Early August (Wind)
9. Rainy River (Wind)
10. Three and One - Live (Jones)

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Play samples from "Get It?"

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DVD Jazz Baltica
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DVD "Martin Wind New York Quartet:
Live at JazzBaltica" 2009

1. Gone with the Wind
2. The Dream (Wind)
3. Remember October 13th (Wind)
4. Turn out the Stars
5. Tale of the Fingers
6. Nuages
7. Get it? (Wind)
8. Interview

Watch "Nuages" on YouTube

Fjord Skies
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CD: "Fjord Skies"

1) My Kind of Blues (Meyer)
2) Melanchthon (Meyer)
3) Fjord Skies (Wind/Mautizson)
4) Friends Beyond (Meyer)
5) Come, Wind (Loevlid, Arr. Wind)
6) Reflections (Meyer)
7) Glad am I (Meyer/Mauritzson)
8) Hymn (Kloepfel/Mauritzson)
9) I Skovens dybe, stille ro (Trad., Arr. Meyer)
10) Thinking of you (Wind)
11) Ten Years (Wind/Mauritzson)

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Play samples from "Fjord Skies"

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Salt N Pepper
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CD "Salt'n Pepper!" 2008

1. The Dream (Wind)
2. Bright Mississippi (Monk)
3. Remember October 13th (Wind)
4. Turn out the Stars (Evans)
5. The Cruise Blues (Wind)
6. Ten Minute Song (Wind)
7. Mr. Friesen (Wind)
8. Big Al (Wind)
9. Early Morning Blues (Wind)
10.Come Sunday (Ellington)

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Play samples from "Salt 'N Pepper!"

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Gone with the Wind
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CD "Gone With The Wind" 1993

1. Gone with the wind
2. I remember You
3. Lagrima Agradecida
4. Black Jack
5. Najul
6. Someone to watch over me
7. Born to be blue
8. High Street
9. Sevilla
10. I should care
11. A sad story
12. Midnite song for thalia
13. Gone with the Wind (Bass Solo)

Tender Waves
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CD "Tender Waves" 1995

1) There’s a boat that’s leaving shortly for New York
2) Quietly
3) Marc’s Moments
4) You’re my everything
5) Tender Waves
6) Make a new start
7) Coracao Vagabundo
8) You and the night and the music
9) Too far from you

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Play samples from "Tender Waves"

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Miles Away
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CD "Miles Away" 1996

1) Deep Shit
2) Miles Away
3) Colours
4) On Green Dolphin Street
5) No te preocoupes
6) Waltz for Frank
7) Don’t stutter around
8) Child

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Play samples from "Miles Away"

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CD "Dreiklang" 1997

1) Remember Oct 13th
2) Very Early
3) No Prisoners
4) Beam to me
5) Will I ever learn from this
6) As Far as the moon…
7) Out in P.A.
8) Nos-ex
9) A Sad Story
10) In Love in Vain
11) Choral

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CD "Family" 1999

1. Sutton-ly
2. Maria
3. The Sheet Kicker
4. Lullaby
5. For my brother
6. New Life
7. Last Waltz
8. Family

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Play samples from "Family"

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CD "The Soccerball" 2002

1. Kaleidoscope
2. Garrigue
3. The Soccerball
4. Little Prayer
5. What a difference a day makes
6. Antonini
7. Droolin'
8. Ballad for Barbara
9. Ah Leu Cha/ Scrapple from the apple
10. It never entered my mind
11. Early morning blues
12. Song for my lady
13. Pete's Repeat

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Play samples from "The Soccerball"

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The Baltic
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CD "The Baltic" 1993

1. James
2. Les Feuilles Mortes
3. Pippi Goes Calypso
4. Roedby Havn
5. Don't get around much anymore
6. The Baltic
7. My Romance
8. A Sad Story
9. My home is....
10. Little Linda
11. Aah - Little Linda
12. Off Beat 88
13. Greensleeves


Fjord Songs
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CD "Fjord Songs" 1997

1) Solitude
2) Mother’s Waltz
3) Blue Sunday
4) Nobody knows you when you’re down and out
5) Sail Away
6) Fjord Song
7) Iceland Romance
8) Marc’s Moments
9) En yndig og Frydefuld Sommertid
10) The Crusade Groove
11) Dat Du min Leevsten buest
12) Up and Away

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CD "Meyer & Wind Live" 2000

1. Out of Nowhere
2. Oil on Canvas
3. I'm beginning to see the light
4. Family
5. Just Squeeze me
6. Marcy, mercy, mercy
7. When Orpheus gets the blues
8. Old Swede Blues
9. Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans

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Play samples from "Mayer/Wind Live "

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CD "Kinnings" 2003

1. Kinnings
2. The Soccerball
3. O Grande Amor
4. Biji
5. Ain't Got Nothing But the Blues
6. Birkelunden
7. Pete's Repeat
8. Fuglsang
9. Groove Merchant
10. Taylor's Test
11. Do you know what it means..

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Play samples from "Kinnings"

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Feels Like Home
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CD "Feels Like Home"

1. Gandhi
2. The old country
3. The nearness of you
4. Bluesette
5. The Cruise Blues
6. Locomotive Blues
7. Blues in Klues
8. Big Al
9. Samba Rapido

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Play samples from "Feels Like Home"

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