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Martin Wind “Theresia”
Laika Records


CD Review by Chris Kosky in “Bass World”, the magazine of the International Society of Bassists


Downbeatby Josef Woodard, Downbeat Magazine / December 2011


Martin Wind, a fine bassist and composer, has created a substantial and satisfying piece of unconventional big band jazz writing with Theresia. But an undeniable poignancy runs through it—having less to do with the emotional palette of the writing than the fact of this work’s dedicatee, JazzBaltica festival director Rainer Haarman's wife, Theresia Haarman, who passed away in 2009. A spiried and emotional commitment shines through on this album, beautifully realized by a group which took as its name the JazzBaltica Jubilee Ensemble, and recorded live at the 2010 JazzBaltica festival with a crisp sonic presence.

With Michael Wollny's yearning piano part opening the album's introductory "Overture," we get a taste of Wind's harmonic palette, which can range from shades of contemporary classical notions to blasts of old-school big band brassiness. The centerpiece, the lovely piece "Theresia," comes towards the end of the program and encompasses a variety of texture, including the chamber-esque timbres of Lars Danielsson’s cello.

Donny McCaslin, the dynamic and inventive tenor saxophonist always deserving wider recognition, has a strong presence as a soloist here, bringing passion and his impressive stylistic stamp to the opening "Overture," an inspired solo at the end of "Theresia" and then in a heated, tête-a-tête dialogue with tenor player Johannas Enders on the final "Get It?"

Theresia belongs to the catalog of recordings documenting the riches of thought, and musical deed, in the ever-expanding world of European big band culture. —Josef Woodard

Theresia: Overture; Our In Pa; The Cruise Blues; Remember October 13; Theresia; Get It? (70:29)
Personnel: Martin Wind, bass; Niels Lyhne Løkkegard, alto saxophone, clarinet, flute; Johannes Enders, tenor saxophone, flute;
Donny McCaslin, tenor saxophone, flute; Axel Schlosser, trumpet,
flugelhorn; Nils Wülker, trumpet, flugelhorn; Karin Hammar, trombone; Øyvind Braekke, trombone; Christopher Dell, vibraphone; Michael Wollny, piano; Andi Haberl, drums; Nils Landgren,
trombone; Lars Danielsson, cello; Wolfgang Haffner, drums.
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