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Martin Wind - Light Blue

New Release from Bassist and Composer Martin Wind
on Laika Records

"...that beautiful depth of Martin's bass resounds on every track of Light Blue."
- Michael Bourne, WBGO


Martin Wind, Ingrid Jensen, Scott Robinson, Gary Versace, Matt Wilson, Anat Cohen

  1. While I'm Still Here 6:11 Listen
        Ingrid Jensen (trumpet), Scott Robinson (tenor sax), Gary Versace (organ), Martin Wind (upright bass), Matt Wilson (drums), Jeff Dunn (Leslie controls)
  2. Rose 5:48 Listen
        Ingrid Jensen (trumpet), Scott Robinson (taragota), Gary Versace (piano, organ), Martin Wind (upright bass), Matt Wilson (drums)
  3. Ten Minute Song 5:39 Listen
        Anat Cohen (clarinet), Ingrid Jensen (trumpet), Scott Robinson (bass sax), Gary Versace (piano), Martin Wind (upright bass), Matt Wilson (drums)
  4. February 6:50 Listen
        Ingrid Jensen (trumpet), Scott Robinson (alto and tenor sax), Gary Versace (piano), Martin Wind (upright bass), Matt Wilson (drums)
  5. Power Chords 7:45 Listen
        Ingrid Jensen (trumpet), Scott Robinson (bass sax), Gary Versace (organ), Martin Wind (upright bass), Matt Wilson (drums)

Martin Wind, Anat Cohen, Scott Robinson, Bill Cunliffe, Duduka da Fonseca, Maucha Adnet

Compositions by Martin Wind. Portuguese lyrics by Maucha Adnet, English lyrics (A Sad Story) by Lica Cecato.

  1. Genius And A Saint 5:47 Listen
        Anat Cohen (clarinet), Scott Robinson (clarinet), Bill Cunliffe (piano), Martin Wind (upright bass), Duduka da Fonseca (drums)
  2. Seven Steps To Rio 4:30 Listen
        Maucha Adnet (vocals), Anat Cohen (clarinet), Scott Robinson (tenor sax), Bill Cunliffe (piano), Martin Wind (acoustic bass guitar), Duduka da Fonseca (drums)
  3. A Sad Story 5:51 Listen
        Maucha Adnet (vocals), Anat Cohen (clarinet), Bill Cunliffe (piano), Martin Wind (upright bass), Duduka da Fonseca (drums)
  4. De Norte A Sul 5:21 Listen
        Maucha Adnet (vocals), Anat Cohen (clarinet), Scott Robinson (tenor sax), Bill Cunliffe (piano), Martin Wind (acoustic bass guitar), Duduka da Fonseca (drums)
  5. Longing 6:18 Listen
        Maucha Adnet (vocals), Anat Cohen (clarinet), Scott Robinson (alto and tenor sax), Bill Cunliffe (piano), Martin Wind (upright bass), Duduka da Fonseca (drums)
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Liner Notes

Michael Bourne, WBGO

When first scribbling these notes, I thought it'd be fun to list all the musicians I've heard whose music sounded better with Martin Wind playing bass. It's a long list, a Who's Who of musicians I love. OK, as many as I can type in one breath: Dena DeRose Matt Wilson Scott Robinson Dave Stryker John Scofield Joe Locke Anat Cohen Ingrid Jensen Ted Rosenthal Bill Mays Gary Smulyan … and then some.

I've heard all of the above with Martin at the Jazz on the Mountain festival that I direct every mid-January at the Mohonk Mountain House. We became friends at the festival (it must be) a dozen years ago. On the last morning, before everyone splits, I gather players from the weekend for a farewell merry-go-round. I'd requested that Martin play a song alone, and he played "Gone with the Wind." Mostly bowing. Deeply. Beautifully. He's since then become a virtual "House" bassist. He's also been for years my musical right hand when I muse about players to invite.

I'm not alone in remembering Martin's tribute to Bill Evans. Haunting. Exquisite. One of the best concerts in my almost 20 years working with Mohonk. Martin eventually recorded all the music he'd arranged with an Italian orchestra. And now comes Light Blue, Martin's magnum opus. As a leader. As a composer. As an arranger. Also, even though he spotlights himself only on a couple of tracks, as a soloist. And that beautiful depth of Martin's bass resounds on every track of Light Blue.

— Michael Bourne, WBGO



  1. While I’m still here
    I wrote this piece, which is based on an old standard tune, for an unforgettable trio concert with two of my idols- guitarist Pat Metheny and drummer Matt Wilson- in the spring of 2017.
  2. Rose
    This composition is dedicated to the memory of Rose Salogiannis; mother of my wife, Maria, and loving grandmother of our sons Christopher and Alexander.
  3. Ten Minute Song
    During a phone conversation with Matt Wilson when his triplet sons were still toddlers, I asked him about his day. He responded by telling me that during a 20-minute break from fathering he had written three tunes at the piano in his basement. I was so impressed by this that I attempted to write ONE song in 10 minutes! The result was recorded with Scott Robinson and Greg Hutchinson, and appears on the 2007 debut album of my quartet, “Salt’n Pepper”. Anat joins Ingrid and Scott, on his mighty bass saxophone, for this one.
  4. February
    The complete title reads: “February is not my favorite month of the year” – it really isn’t!
  5. Power Chords
    I dedicate this composition to many of my incoming students at NYU, whose idea of a chord too often consists of a “neutral” structure of the root and the fifth note of the major scale.
Side B: BLUE
  1. A Genius and a Saint
    I wrote this song after bassist and educator Bob Bowen tragically passed away in a bicycling accident several years ago. At his memorial service Bob’s sister referred to him, in an extremely moving tribute, as “A Genius and a Saint”, reflecting his incredible talent and uncanny selflessness and patience.
  2. Seven Steps to Rio
    Originally from Germany, I grew up loving to play and watch soccer. You could say that the sport is a form of religion over there, just like in Brazil, where the German team won the World Cup in 2014. In the semis, they beat the host by the overwhelming score of 7:1. At Duduka’s request I changed the title from “Sieben zu Eins” (Seven to One) to “Seven Steps to Rio”.
  3. Sad Story
    This is one of my earliest compositions, which appeared on my very first album as leader, “Gone With the Wind” (1992), and features Bill Mays on piano and the late Keith Copeland on drums. The Portuguese lyrics are by Maucha, and the English ones by singer Lica Cecato, who I often played music with in my Cologne days.
  4. De Norte a Sul
    The instrumental version of this song is called “The Cruise Blues”, and appears on the aforementioned album “Salt’n Pepper”. I consider it my “hit”, because both Matt Wilson and the great trombonist Wycliffe Gordon have recorded this tune on previous projects.
  5. Longing
    I usually document musical ideas in a sketchbook, so that I can go back and hopefully develop them at a later point. While researching material for this recording, I re- discovered this melody just waiting for its arrangement for this album.

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Light Blue - Group Photo - Day 2
L to R: Bill Cunliffe, Duduka da Fonseca, Martin Wind, Maucha Adnet, Scott Robinson, Anat Cohen, Matt Wilson


  • Produced by Martin Wind, Matt Balitsaris and Matt Wilson
  • Recorded and mixed by Matt Balitsaris
  • Recorded at Maggie's Farm on April 22 (tracks 1 – 5) and 23 (tracks 6 – 10), 2017
  • Mastered by Gene Paul on August 29 & 30, 2017 at G&J Audio, Union City, NJ
  • Cover photos by Olff Appold, Hamburg
  • Session photos by Jeff Dunn, Detroit
  • Martin Wind plays D'Addario Strings, Acoustic Image Amps, The "Lifeline" Pick-up and the "Alien" Acoustic Bass Guitar by Warwick Basses.
  • Maucha Adnet: vocals (7 – 10)
  • Ingrid Jensen: trumpet (1 – 5)
  • Scott Robinson: tenor saxophone (1, 4, 7, 9, 10), alto saxophone (4, 10), bass saxophone (3, 5), clarinet (6) and taragota (2)
  • Anat Cohen: clarinet (3, 6 – 10)
  • Gary Versace: piano (2, 3, 4) and organ (1, 2, 5)
  • Bill Cunliffe: piano (6 – 10)
  • Martin Wind: upright bass (1-6, 8, 10) and acoustic bass guitar (7, 9)
  • Matt Wilson: drums (1 – 5)
  • Duduka Da Fonseca: drums (6 – 10)
  • Thanks to Ingrid, Scott, Anat, Gary, Matt, Bill, Maucha and Duduka for their music, spirit and friendship.
  • Olff Appold for his inspiring artistry and vision.
  • Jeff Dunn for the session photos and overall tech support.
  • Gene Paul for the mastering of this album.
  • Michael Bourne for the liner notes and his immense trust in me.
  • Special thanks to Matt Wilson for his artistic input, advice and incredible instincts;
  • Matt Balitsaris for the beautiful sound, as well as his patience & passion and open mindedness.
  • Very special thanks to my wife Maria and our sons Christopher and Alexander, whose love and support have allowed me to follow my dreams.