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Martin Wind, Peter Weniger, Jonas Burkwinkel

Release Date: March 2023 - on Laika Records

With irrepressible joy, unparalleled virtuosity, and contagious playfulness they deliver a repertoire of toe tapping swing, expressive blues and a soulful ballad. Martin Wind, Peter Weniger and Jonas Burgwinkel create a musical gravitational field that is hard to escape!

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Martin Wind, Peter Weniger, Jonas Burgwinkle

Press Release

"Gravity" - a term for which the dictionary offers a whole range of possible translations. Each describes the al-bum title of Martin Wind featuring Peter Weniger and Jonas Burgwinkel perfectly on very different levels, explains bassist and bandleader Martin Wind. "Musically, the double bass con-stitutes the center of any ensemble. It's the foundation, where the threads run together rhythmi-cally and harmonically, much like how the sun holds our planetary system together." At the same time, "Gravity" also defines as an attraction. There are people and places to which we feel drawn.

"The North German metropolis of Hamburg has exerted a special pull on me not only as an intercontinental gateway, but as the home of some of my closest friends and the site of some of my earliest musical experiences" explains Wind, who has been living in Teaneck, New Jersey, since the late 1990s

A very special bond exists between the members of the trio. Wind's musical connection to saxophonist Peter Weniger is characterized in the swinging opener "Still Friends". The two met 35 years ago as founding members of the German National Youth Jazz Orchestra. "Even though we went our separate ways as a result of my move to NYC, playing with Peter has always felt natural to me". Pe-ter Weniger describes the special chemistry between the two of them as follows: "Music is a social event, and it's noticeable when the participants harmonize extremely well with each other on every single note. It is an expression of a process that is based on absolute trust. When you can trust each other blindly, it feels particularly good to me."

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